A site to rate and evaluate licensed on-set Studio Teachers, responsible for the education, safety and welfare of minors in the entertainment industry.

Welcome to the Studio Teacher Report Cards Website

Are you a parent of a child actor who works professionally in film and television in the State of California?

Are you a Producer, Director, Production Coordinator, Line Producer, 1st or 2nd AD who often hires or recommends Studio Teachers for your projects?

Are you a child actor who has worked with a Studio Teacher on set?

Hopefully, the Studio Teacher did a great job and was helpful both to the production and to the minors on set. Perhaps you had the opposite experience, where the teacher was combative with production or not attentive to the minors on set. Finally, a site where you can rate and evaluate any on-set Studio Teacher licensed in the State of California.

If you have ever hired or worked with a Studio Teacher, please take a moment to look up the teacher’s name on this website and offer some feedback. You’ll notice 6 very simple questions on the right side of their profile, which can be answered with a pass or fail grade. You also have the option to leave a more detailed evaluation. You can grade the teacher using your real name or a screen name, however, it would be helpful to know your occupation and the type of job in which you met the Studio Teacher. This information will remain private and will not be shown publicly. Can’t find the teacher’s name on this site? Check the DSLE’s website on the Resources page and make sure that the teacher is licensed with the State. This site is updated every 6 months and includes anyone licensed by the DSLE – Union and Non-Union teachers. Don’t remember the name of the Studio Teacher that you worked with? If you’re in production, it will be listed on the back side of your call sheet. If you are a parent, the teacher probably signed the back of your child’s work permit or you can look on the back of the call sheet.

* The names listed on this website are from a public database found on the DLSE website. All of the Studio Teachers listed here carry a valid Studio Teachers license. Updates are made as they become available on the DLSE website.

Please note: Studio Teacher Report Card does not possess or collect any contact information of any of the studio teachers listed on this site.

Disclaimer: This website is in no way affiliated with the DLSE or IATSE Local 884.