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Patrick Jackson

Posted on: October 10th, 2011 by STRC Admin 1 Comment
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    Checked Work Permit Pass
    Schooled Minor For 3 hours Pass
    Broke For Meals/Snacks On Time Pass
    Was Present On Set Pass
    Monitored Safety/Welfare On Set Pass
    Wrapped On Time Pass
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    Pat Jackson is one of my favorite studio teachers. He is a repeat hire with some of my clients when a teacher option is given. Pat has been worked with some of my clients in CA, as well as out of state. Not only is he a good teacher who gets the educational aspect of the job done with the kids, but he is also a good advocate for the child; always looking out for them and questioning production as needed. He doesn’t just let anything fly with what production wants, and he is malleable to the educational needs of different children. Pat is definitely a top choice as a teacher

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