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Kathryn E. Cyrus

Posted on: October 10th, 2011 by STRC Admin 1 Comment
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    Checked Work PermitNot Rated
    Schooled Minor For 3 hoursNot Rated
    Broke For Meals/Snacks On TimeNot Rated
    Was Present On SetNot Rated
    Monitored Safety/Welfare On SetNot Rated
    Wrapped On TimeNot Rated
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  1. Unsatisfied says:
    Checked Work Permit Not Rated
    Schooled Minor For 3 hours Not Rated
    Broke For Meals/Snacks On Time Not Rated
    Was Present On Set Not Rated
    Monitored Safety/Welfare On Set Not Rated
    Wrapped On Time Not Rated
    Overall Grade

    This woman was disgusting to the minor and minor’s parent. Extremely rude and obnoxious.
    The minor is an A+ student who had proof in writing of the teachers requesting her to work on her schoolwork after her job.
    This studio teacher had extreme sense of superior attitude towards the minor.
    She should not be working with children.
    She caused the minor to cry and feel unsafe.
    She caused unnecessary stress on set and needs to quit while she is ahead.

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Checked Work Permit
Schooled Minor For 3 hours
Broke For Meals/Snacks On Time
Was Present On Set
Monitored Safety/Welfare On Set
Wrapped On Time
Overall Grade